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Providence At Last | Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence

If you haven’t been following this extraordinarily well written site, well, much like the comics it is speaking on, you can always go back and start at the beginning…

Providence At Last by greyirish

People Behind ‘Facts in the case of Alan Moore’s Providence’

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N.I.C.E. Comic Convention 2012 ~ Alan Moore ~ Full Talk

Alan Moore’s First Comic Con In 22 Years

Alan Moore attended his first Comic Convention in 22 years at the N.I.C.E. Comic Con in 2012. Here he gives a one hour talk, ostensibly on writing, but recounted through his path and life. Moore says that his support and debt to the public library system is his main reason for attending a ‘comic convention’.

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Alan Moore Daily Roundup #1


Alan Moore Daily Quick Links & News

Another way The Killing Joke by Moore & Brian Bolland is still having maybe unenviosioned affects ~ from FastCoCreate

Ask the Artist Interview with Providence’s Jacen Burrows ~ from Facts In The Case of Alan Moore’s Providence

People are beginning to read and review Alan Moore’s Jerusalem ~ from The Beat Comic Culture Continue reading Alan Moore Daily Roundup #1

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Alan Moore On The 20th Century

Alan Moore being interviewed by author John Higgs, still shot from video

Alan Moore talks with John Higgs about the 2000’s, LOEG Century, From Hell, Providence & Lovecraft

John Higgs knows a few things about the twentieth century. He also knows a few things about Alan Moore. Together, Higgs and Moore lay some groundwork for what could quite easily (and fantastically) be a future collaboration using this and other of their talks as a jumping off point.


John Higgs – author of Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century – talks to Alan Moore about how the 20th Century has been portrayed in his work – in particular From Hell, Providence and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century.”

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