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Arts Lab Northampton Local Radio Interview

Arts Lab Northampton Logo

Alan Moore, Megan Lucas & Co. Talk Arts Lab

Recently Inspiration FM 107.8, a local Northampton community radio station, had Alan Moore, Megan Lucas, Yoshi and Dan in the studio to speak on the Arts Lab Northampton in particular, and the importance/significance of Arts Labs in general. Below is the entire interview , which contrary to the length of the clip is much shorter.

Interview starts at 4:25 and ends at 15:30. Within the brief back and forth, be on the lookout for a very important Alan Moore statement. There is also an invitation to one and all to join an Arts Lab, start an Arts Lab, and ‘counter’ the foisted culture as much as we all can. *loose synopsis 🙂


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Festival 23 & Discordia Approach

Festival 23. Wonderful. Glorious. Necessary. Alan Moore.

The (Apple) Core: The Principia Discordia
First I must sprinkle you with fairy dust…




“In 1965 the Discordia came alive, its principles captured in words
Inspired by a vision and a visit from Eris, it set out to achieve the absurd
To find peace in the chaos, using humour and derision
It birthed a new movement off the back of a religion
The religion was a joke, as all religions are
But if you absorb the Principia you’re sure to go far”
– Lord Fnord, 23rd August 2015

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