Echoes From The Drift 2 ~ Special Kickstarter Edition

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Echoes From The Drift 2 by Craig Petersen



Echoes from the Drift is a new comic book series that follows two main characters, Jenni and Zayf, as they use Drifts (dimensional rifts) to travel to parallel universes.

*This comic has been successfully launched on Kickstarter! Please still check in through the link above for updates!

With this Kickstarter, I’ll be creating the second 22-page issue of the Echoes from the Drift series (a five-issue story arc), which will be available as both digital and print copies.

If you’d like to own some of the original pages of inked artwork from Echoes 2, then check out the Rewards on Kickstarter! The original artwork is available to a limited number of Backers.

Download the FREE prequel to Echoes from the Drift #1!

Missed out on the first Echoes from the Drift Kickstarter campaign and you’d like to see how the art will look? Then check out the free 10-page prequel I created for the series called In Ruins. The prequel helped me develop a style of art and the tone that I wanted for Echoes from the Drift #1. In Ruins takes place in one of the worlds that Zayf and Jenni explore.

*Both In Ruins and Echoes from the Drift are recommended for Mature Readers due to coarse language and some violence.


Craig Petersen ~ Creator of ‘Echoes From The Drift 2’