The Blue Flame: A Graphic Novel (Digital)



Somewhere between ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, The Blue Flame explores love, loss, guilt and what it means to battle your demons.

The Blue flame is 4 years in the making, and the final comic from indie label ‘Damn Dirty Comics’ a 150 page graphic novel that is our magnum-opus as well as our swansong.

This is the autobiography of Rees Finlay, he makes comics……or at least he used to, following a tragic accident his leg barely works, everyone he ever loved has gone and his passion is lost. He is broken. In his darkest hour a mysterious figure appears before him. She is the blue flame, and she is here to lead Rees on a journey though his memories to show him the painful truths that put him where he is now.

Motivations are questioned and loyalty is tested as she forces him to uncover repressed memories, take responsibility for his actions, and make decisions that’ll change his life forever


Please check out our Artist’s Edition pieces with Rees Finlay, as well as more information on our Recommended Artists page.


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