'The Blue Flame' by Rees Finlay
'The Blue Flame' by Rees Finlay"Smoking Man" from 'The Blue Flame' by Rees Finlay'Karma' from 'The Blue Flame' by Rees Finlaythe-blue-flame-kickstarter-promo-photo-rees-finlay

The Blue Flame ~ Graphic Novel by Rees Finlay


“The most visceral comic we’ve ever seen”.

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Product Description

Somewhere between ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, The Blue Flame explores love, loss, guilt and what it means to battle your demons.

My upcoming graphic novel, coming to Kickstarter February 1st 2017. Please note this is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional, barring examples of any likeness to persons living or dead that have been created with written permission from the individual. Except Rees, the sanctimonious twat. *Rees Finlay



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