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Shadow #8 – First Alan Moore Reference In Print, 1969

Shadow #8, October-November, 1969

Editor: David A. Sutton

Co-Editor: Eddy C. Bertin

Contributing Staff: David A. Riley, Brian J. Frost & Alan Jones

Copies: <50



Weird Scenes, comment & news editorial…David A. Sutton…1

The Psycho Worlds of L. P. Davies…Eddy C. Bertin…3

An Interview with Richard Davis…David A. Sutton…12

Final Lovecraft Additions & Corrections…Ted Ball & Eddy Bertin…15


Book Reviews…Alan Jones & Others…21



Art Credits: Cover – Dave Sutton / pg8 – David Riley / pg25 – Brian J. Frost / pg28 – David Lloyd



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**However, this post will be updated with more information and photos for reference purposes just as all of the Alan Moore items on this site. This is not an item Emporium Purgatorio wishes to part with, but sacrifices must be made to keep funding the good fight 🙂 Remember, the goal isn’t to own all the toys in the world…it’s to play with all the toys, which means sharing.

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