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History of Electricomics

Electricomics: A Self-Publishing Ecosystem

Electricomics – “Not So Much Pushing The Envelope Of Comicbook Storytelling As Folding It Up To Make A Nice Hat”

Alan Moore asking questions re Electricomics

Alan Moore steps into the digital realm. Mitch Jenkins lends vision. Leah Moore manages eclectic and diverse skill sets. Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Alisson Gazard shake the idea tree to see what has stuck. Ed Moore brings a digital machine shop.

Electricomics is a digital comics self-publishing ecosystem, which not only allows you to read high quality experimental digital comics on our iPad App, you can also make your own digital comics using the Electricomics Generator.” Electricomics About

Alan Moore, Leah Moore, and Mitch Jenkins at Electricomics Planning 2015

In the September 2015 article done by Wired UK online, Moore explained, “With a lot of my comics work, I’ve been trying to come up with the most imaginative use of what comics could do and be. The same applies to this. It’s something new and I’m trying to think of the most useful and imaginative way to apply this new technology.”

The project’s early development was a collaboration between a wide spectrum of artists & writers, letterers & designers, coders & ‘technocrats’. It included Orphans of the Storm (Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins), Ocasta Studios, Alison Gazzard & Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, with funding by Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts (NESTA)

“In Electricomics, the world’s oldest narrative art form and youngest technology combine as a uniquely 21st century medium, establishing a thought-through toolkit of open-source effects enabling its audience to create digital comics themselves, bringing their vital ideas to an exciting new mode of entertainment and education.”
– Alan Moore 2015.

The Electricomics project is both a ‘tool’ for design and engagement with the digital comics medium, as well as possibly a new paradigm for comics in general. To this end, extensive research and collating of data, ideas, and outcomes was undertaken. This was overseen by Daniel M. Goodbrey & Allison Gazzard. The Research information from the Electricomics site sums it thus:

Electricomics Research Final Cover Page

“The project set out to explore how digital technologies can change and enhance a traditional print-based medium through the development of an adaptable and easily accessible toolset aimed at practitioners in the wider arts sector.

The project research was carried out through User testing sessions, workshops, and surveys, where we canvassed opinion and collected data on what people bought, how they bought it, whether they made comics, and what they would need in order to do that using an Electricomics Creator tool.”

Electricomics-project-report is a 95 page PDF readable final report from this process.

The videos below, from Electricomics YouTube channel, are absolutely recommended. Your appreciation for the processes that went into creating Electricomics, as well as your enjoyment and understanding of the Electricomics Reader & Generator, will only be enhanced.

“Welcome to the live stream site for the Electricomics Academic conference held at the University of Hertfordshire. Throughout the day there will be speakers talking about all forms of Digital comics. You can see the itinerary below.”

Streamed live on Oct 14, 2015

  • Electricomics Keynote
  • Break
  • Panel 1: Audience & Transmedia
  • Liz Dowthwaite – When Things Go Wrong, When Things Go Right: Meaningful Interactions Between Webcomics Creators and Readers
  • Vitor Blotta & Bruno Conrado – Breaking the Frame: New Narratives and Formats for Graphic Novels, Journalism and Human Rights through
  • Digital Comics in Brazil
  • Zak Waipara

*as with all works cited and linked to from Unofficial Alan Moore, this will be continually added and expounded upon…recent updates from Electricomics and Leah Moore are indicating there might be another major step taken in the Electricomics realm/software soon…

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    1. Thank you kindly! Pushing art just for the sake of it, very, very cool 🙂 If you delve into some of these comics, please let us know what you think!

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