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Embryo ~ Alan Moore ~ Northampton Arts Lab


Embryo #1-5

  • Published: Northampton, England
  • Publisher: Northampton Arts Lab
  • Date: July, 1970 – November, 1971
  • Print Run: N/A
  • Writer: Alan Moore, Various
  • Artist: Alan Moore, Various
  • Cover: N/A
  • Pencils: Alan Moore, Various
  • Inks: Alan Moore, Various
  • Color: N/A
  • Editor: Alan Moore
  • Highest Price: N/A

Embryo was published/produced for a little more than a year starting in July, 1970. The publisher is Northampton Arts Lab, meaning Alan Moore and cohorts from the original Arts Lab of that time (current Arts Lab Northampton). They feature mostly poetry written by Moore and others, as well as comics/drawings/doodles from Alan and others once again.

Embryo #5 is usually listed as Moore’s first ‘published’ work, with the sci-fi comic within, ‘Once There Were Daemons’, which ran three continuous pages. So if by published we are speaking of a flowing comic/story, and not essays or poetry, then yes, ‘Once There Were Daemons’ is first known. (full run will be ‘here’ when link clickable)

Many of the poems again show Alan Moore’s influence and respect for Lovecraft and Orwell. The three issues pictured together and signed by Moore were listed and offered for sale in 2008 on eBay. This same seller has recently brought to light another ‘previously unknown’ that he has found. (info on this ‘unknown’ work will be ‘here’ when this link clickable)



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