How We Are Funded

*By ‘funding’ we mean able to pay the bills with enough left over for a value pack of Maruchan Ramen Noodles.


Emporium Purgatorio

This is our Shop, as well as our brand umbrella for Unofficial Alan Moore. Being unofficial we did not want to infer in any way that Alan or any people/companies related are aware of and/or sanction what we sell, hence ‘Emporium Purgatorio’.

Emporium Purgatorio, the comics within the shop, along with all streams of revenue have one purpose: to promote Indie Comics and the men and women who are of that ilk, ie, have the courage to push out ideas of importance knowing the path is usually a pauper’s road.

We are striving to put as much revenue into the actual artist’s hands as possible. This is why you will see our Artists Edition pieces linking directly to those artist’s comics and books. This is why you won’t see ads, random ‘affiliate’ marketing through Amazon, etc, or anything that would detract from the art and the artists Emporium Purgatorio believes in enough to support. Shop Link


If/when we determine that we have ‘rewards’ that are worthy of the title (and your donation!) a Patreon link will be here.

*Until then, if you like what we are trying to move towards, you can make a direct contribution through this link (using another Jetpack feature, so it is secure) with 50% of all donations being split evenly between all artists featured in our Artists Edition posts regardless if Emporium Purgatorio offers their art.

Donations So We Can Eat


Affiliate Links

These are the actual tools that the Unofficial Alan Moore site and the Emporium Purgatorio shop is built upon and utilizes every day. They also happen to offer affiliate links (such as those below) that give a small percentage of an initial sale back to us if you click them and find useful what is on the other side. *It is useful, FYI 😉

We would recommend all four regardless:

  • FREE – With the exception of Pressable, which is $25 per month, Jetpack, WordPress, and WooCommerce are all free at the basic level. You can set up a website, blog, shop, or all three with no investment other than time.
  • Open Source – WordPress and Jetpack come from an open source community that parallels the Indie Comic one. Profits are the end result of following their passion, not a goal unto itself.
  • A WordPress/WooCommerce shop for artists (anyone!) has only a slightly higher learning curve than Big Cartel, et al. But with that you have huge upsides, such as unlimited listings, control over the look of your shop, and most importantly security for your customers.


“Jetpack is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress. It gives you everything you need to design, secure, and grow your site in one bundle.” Jetpack Link 


“WordPress hosting for businesses and developers who expect more. Pressable is where WordPress works best.” Pressable Link


“At, our mission is to democratize publishing one website at a time.” Link


“Proudly bootstrapped, and built on a foundation of work-life balance, we have ambitions to be the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider.” WooCommerce Link