*Unofficial Alan Moore (*UAM)

What is *UAM?

*Unofficial Alan Moore is intended to be at once a repository for all things Mooreian, as well as a place for Art and the pursuit of Societal Change/Betterment particularly through the Arts.

Who are you?

At the moment I am a singular being under the cognomen of Emporium Purgatorio. The anonymity is solely for the purpose of having the attention always be on what’s important within *UAM: the Art & the Artists.

Are you affiliated with Alan Moore?

This site, as well as the content thereof, is in no way endorsed by Alan Moore, nor any of his friends/associates/publishers, etc. It is purely an undertaking from someone who has spent countless (wasted?) hours searching the internet for Alan Moore information that could not always be verified or was outdated; especially the specific links and current projects and causes he is working on or supporting. Emporium Purgatorio is hoping to contribute to pushing the collective Idea Space by being a conduit from idea to follow through: once you’ve found a pursuit or cause worthy of your energy, where do you go next to take an action? Whether that action be reading a fantastic comic, creating your own Art, or pushing Society kicking and screaming towards betterment.

Letter to Alan Moore from 9 year old Joshua

All in all you are the best writer in human history – Joshua on Alan Moore