Emporium Purgatorio

What is Emporium Purgatorio?

Emporium Purgatorio is the ‘Shop’ as well as the creative outlet and owner behind Unofficial Alan Moore.

Are the site and my information safe if I make a purchase?

  • I take privacy and security very, very seriously (please see affiliation with ‘The Internet Defense League’).
  • No information provided to Emporium Purgatorio is shared with any other human or robot.
  • If you provide an email that will be kept for my own records and communication with you in future if you so choose.
  • This site and shop were built solely by myself, relying on no ‘themes’ or ‘extensions’ or any 3rd party services that collect information.
  • This site is built using WordPress.
  • This shop is built using WooCommerce.
  • All financial processing is done off-site through PayPal and backed by all protections they offer.

Where does my money go?

  • Purchases of Alan Moore and/or collector comics are from my personal collection and the monies are put right back into buying and supporting Indie comic creators.
  • Independent comics and art are prepaid so that the artists are recompensed for their work whether a single copy ever sells or not from Emporium Purgatorio.
  • Signed, limited, etc, are prepaid at the cost of the item. Any additional revenue is then sent to the artist with a 50/50 split of revenue.
  • Digital downloads are split 80/20, with the artists receiving 80%.
  • 100% of affiliate revenue through Amazon links is sent to the creators of those works directly.
  • Affiliate revenue through the ‘How We Are Funded’ page is split 50/50 between Emporium Purgatorio and artists in our ‘Artists Edition’.

*Unofficial Alan Moore (*UAM)

What is *UAM?

*Unofficial Alan Moore is intended to be at once a repository for all things Mooreian, as well as a place for Art and the pursuit of Societal Change/Betterment, particularly through the Arts.

Who are you?

At the moment I am a singular being under the cognomen of Emporium Purgatorio. The anonymity is solely for the purpose of having the attention always be on what’s important within *UAM: the Art & the Artists.

Are you affiliated with Alan Moore?

This site, as well as the content thereof, is in no way endorsed by Alan Moore, nor any of his friends/associates/publishers, etc. It is purely an undertaking from someone who has spent countless (wasted?) hours searching the internet for Alan Moore information that could not always be verified or was outdated; especially the specific links and current projects and causes he is working on or supporting. Emporium Purgatorio is hoping to contribute to pushing the collective Idea Space by being a conduit from idea to follow through: once you’ve found a pursuit or cause worthy of your energy, where do you go next to take an action? Whether that action be reading a fantastic comic, creating your own Art, or pushing Society kicking and screaming towards betterment.

Letter to Alan Moore from 9 year old Joshua

All in all you are the best writer in human history – Joshua on Alan Moore