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Comic Book Artist #25: The ABC Comics of Alan Moore & Friends

Interior Pages Comic Book Collector Alan Moore Special
Comic Book Artist 25
Comic Book Artist #25

Alan Moore, ABC & The Art of it All

This is the complete issue of Comic Book Artist #25 from TwoMorrows, printed April, 2003.

“Learn the ABC’s of Alan Moore’s America’s Best Comics in this final issue! Behind a new J.H. Williams III cover featuring Promethea and her mentor, the Wizard Moore, we feature a massive, in-depth interview with the superb, award-winning writer, as well as talks with many of his ABC collaborators, including Chris Sprouse, J.H. Williams III, Gene Ha, Rick Veitch, Jim Baike, Kevin O’Neill, and even letterer Todd Klein and editor Scott Dunbier! On the flipside, we give the spotlight to Jack B. Quick’s superb artist, Kevin Nowlan, with a new cover, extensive interview, and definitive checklist. Don’t miss it!” – TwoMorrows description

*you can navigate the pages by clicking the arrows to the right and left, while clicking the image itself will pop-up a full page reader from issuu

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