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And Away We Go!!!

A Happy Mandrill


All systems are a go, go, go! Emporium Purgatorio, via our *Unofficial Alan Moore site, is actively seeking/promoting Indie Comics, Indie Artists, and those that may have something to SAY through their art about our current climate of…well, of needing a ‘Mandrillifesto‘.

All characters are real. No names will be changed to protect anyone. Oh, and when I took 20 things and added another 3 from a friend, well wouldn’t you know! Magical!

Please, VOICES ARE NEEDED! Jump in on our comments, Artist’s Job Board, send an article or a revue. Make a comic. Sell your work here with no strings attached. Write a poem. Tell us to fuck off. *to be honest, this last one wouldn’t feel very good, but we support your right to give us the bird. we’re fans of aviary anyways.

To respectfully quote some of our favorite people… Watch This Space…


Featured image, ‘Key Keeper’ by James Ng (pronounced ‘ing’)


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Artist’s Edition ~ Neil Jackson *part 1

Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press…*How to Stab-Staple Alan Moore

Welcome to Emporium Purgatorio’s Artist’s Edition. Here we are exploring Neil Jackson’s imprint, Post-Nearly Press, particularly through the lens of his most recent work with Alan Moore, ‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’.

Continue reading Artist’s Edition ~ Neil Jackson *part 1

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#Free Art Friday 5 ~ Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press ~ (closed)

‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’

Alan Moore sits down with Neil Jackson

*tomorrow, Emporium Purgatorio sits down with Neil Jackson about sitting down with Alan Moore

Continue reading #Free Art Friday 5 ~ Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press ~ (closed)

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N.I.C.E. Comic Convention 2012 ~ Alan Moore ~ Full Talk

Alan Moore’s First Comic Con In 22 Years

Alan Moore attended his first Comic Convention in 22 years at the N.I.C.E. Comic Con in 2012. Here he gives a one hour talk, ostensibly on writing, but recounted through his path and life. Moore says that his support and debt to the public library system is his main reason for attending a ‘comic convention’.

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Narrating Alan Moore’s Jerusalem…the Journey ~ Simon Vance

Jerusalem by Alan Moore Cover

Simon Vance on Alan Moore, Northampton, and Jerusalem

Audio CD Set now out!

These very short, yet very pointed, vignettes from Simon Vance allow you to vicariously make a trip many of us would be ecstatic over: visiting Northampton, the county town of Northamptonshire, England, with Alan Moore as your personal tour guide. In Moore’s upcoming epic novel, Jerusalem, the town that continues to be a large piece of Alan Moore’s make up is featured and drawn from heavily, according to Vance. Please enjoy all four videos, and think of supporting Jerusalem, Simon Vance, and Alan Moore when this massive audio art work is released. Continue reading Narrating Alan Moore’s Jerusalem…the Journey ~ Simon Vance

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Alan Moore Daily Roundup #1


Alan Moore Daily Quick Links & News

Another way The Killing Joke by Moore & Brian Bolland is still having maybe unenviosioned affects ~ from FastCoCreate

Ask the Artist Interview with Providence’s Jacen Burrows ~ from Facts In The Case of Alan Moore’s Providence

People are beginning to read and review Alan Moore’s Jerusalem ~ from The Beat Comic Culture Continue reading Alan Moore Daily Roundup #1

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Watchmen Graphitti Designs Edition 1988


Alan Moore’s Hidden White Watchmen Whale?

Watchmen Graphitti Designs front cover & slipcase

Book: Watchmen Graphitti Designs Edition

Year: 1987/1988

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: Dave Gibbons

Pages: 456 pages

Dimensions: 7″ x 11″ or 18cm x 28cm

Publisher: Graphitti Designs

Printing: AP (20) Signed-Numbered (100) Unsigned (? 1,000-unknown)

This deluxe Watchmen edition by Graphitti Designs seems to be both a rarity (limited editions) while at the same time flying under most Alan Moore and Watchmen collectors radar. The publishing history and inexact number of copies available make this a truly interesting piece of the Alan Moore canon, and why I see it as a ‘White Whale’ for collectors.

Graphitti Designs, currently run by Bob Chapman, produced this with the blessing of DC Comics in 1988.  Graphitti editions usually have limited runs, and this book was being brought out right in the middle of the Moore/DC situation that ultimately led to Moore washing his hands of DC Comics. Continue reading Watchmen Graphitti Designs Edition 1988