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Providence At Last | Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence

If you haven’t been following this extraordinarily well written site, well, much like the comics it is speaking on, you can always go back and start at the beginning…

Providence At Last by greyirish

People Behind ‘Facts in the case of Alan Moore’s Providence’

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#Free Art Friday 7 ~ Salena Godden & Northampton Edition ~ (closed)

Salena Godden & Arts Lab Northampton

A night with Alan Moore,  Carly Loasby, Amii Dawes and Frederick J. Taylor, led by [the] magnificent compere of Lindsay Spence

This Saturday, March 4th @The Lab, 95-97 Charles St., Northampton UK

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#Free Art Friday ~ Special Edition! ‘Just About Managing – Northampton Arts Lab Poetry’ ~ (closed)

A rough and tumble, veritable BYOP (The ‘P’ stands for Poetry)!

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And Away We Go!!!

A Happy Mandrill


All systems are a go, go, go! Emporium Purgatorio, via our *Unofficial Alan Moore site, is actively seeking/promoting Indie Comics, Indie Artists, and those that may have something to SAY through their art about our current climate of…well, of needing a ‘Mandrillifesto‘.

All characters are real. No names will be changed to protect anyone. Oh, and when I took 20 things and added another 3 from a friend, well wouldn’t you know! Magical!

Please, VOICES ARE NEEDED! Jump in on our comments, Artist’s Job Board, send an article or a revue. Make a comic. Sell your work here with no strings attached. Write a poem. Tell us to fuck off. *to be honest, this last one wouldn’t feel very good, but we support your right to give us the bird. we’re fans of aviary anyways.

To respectfully quote some of our favorite people… Watch This Space…


Featured image, ‘Key Keeper’ by James Ng (pronounced ‘ing’)


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Artist’s Edition ~ Neil Jackson *part 1

Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press…*How to Stab-Staple Alan Moore

Welcome to Emporium Purgatorio’s Artist’s Edition. Here we are exploring Neil Jackson’s imprint, Post-Nearly Press, particularly through the lens of his most recent work with Alan Moore, ‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’.

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#Free Art Friday 5 ~ Neil Jackson & Post-Nearly Press ~ (closed)

‘Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Mandrill’

Alan Moore sits down with Neil Jackson

*tomorrow, Emporium Purgatorio sits down with Neil Jackson about sitting down with Alan Moore

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Arts Lab Northampton Local Radio Interview

Arts Lab Northampton Logo

Alan Moore, Megan Lucas & Co. Talk Arts Lab

Recently Inspiration FM 107.8, a local Northampton community radio station, had Alan Moore, Megan Lucas, Yoshi and Dan in the studio to speak on the Arts Lab Northampton in particular, and the importance/significance of Arts Labs in general. Below is the entire interview , which contrary to the length of the clip is much shorter.

Interview starts at 4:25 and ends at 15:30. Within the brief back and forth, be on the lookout for a very important Alan Moore statement. There is also an invitation to one and all to join an Arts Lab, start an Arts Lab, and ‘counter’ the foisted culture as much as we all can. *loose synopsis 🙂