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Back-Street Bugle: Oxford’s Other Paper #6 ‘The Adventures of St. Pancras Panda’


Back-Street Bugle #6 – We Meet St. Pancras Panda

Back-Street Bugle #6 Cover
  • Publisher: Paupers’ Press
  • Date: February 7-19th, 1978
  • Print Run: N/A
  • Cover Price: 15 pence
  • Current Price: $20 (2015 sale)
  • Writer: Alan Moore
  • Artist: Alan Moore
  • Cover: N/A
  • Pencils: Alan Moore
  • Inks: Alan Moore
  • Color: N/A
  • Editor: N/A

Alan Moore had 14 strips of ‘St. Pancras Panda’ published in the underground newspaper, Back-Street Bugle: Oxford’s Other Newspaper, from February, 1978 to March, 1979. St. Pancras Panda is a parody of ‘Paddington Bear’, whose satirical adventures mirrored the current political and socioeconomic climate that Moore was immeresed in. Along with St. Pancras Panda, Moore also had various other contributions including ads for the ‘Fortean Times’, single panels of himself with his family, and ‘Moeby Palliative: The Paraplegics Push-Bike and His Faithless Sidekick YC Ron in The Sensuous Beachball’. There are also numerous mentions from the editor, growing more stern as the time passed, of why Alan’s St. Pancras strip was missing once again from that issue.

Yoomin self-portrait comic from Alan Moore with family – Back-Street Bugle #13


I was to starting to actually do some cartooning of my own – doing these attempted underground cartoons for things like Back-Street Bugle, an Oxford underground paper, and a couple of other things – Alan Moore, The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore by George Khoury

The Adventures of St. Pancras Panda

‘The Adventures of St. Pancras Panda’ in The Back-Street Bugle #6

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