Why Alan Moore?

In five words: Because he makes us think.

*Unofficial Alan Moore (*UAM) is intended to promote Art, Thought, and even the good old-fashioned enjoyment of a well executed Comic.

We are absolutely appreciators of many of Alan Moore’s works, comic and otherwise. From a distance and through an opaque lens he is also a good father, friend, supporter (you may reference his family, 40+ year friendships, and causes he has/does champion because it’s the correct thing to him).

We certainly don’t agree with everything ‘Mooreian’. If we did, I would wager that Alan would be very unhappy with that. However, I do believe that whatever side of the Moore alter you may fall on, from sycophantic to overrated, one thing Alan Moore has and seems hell bent on continuing to do is using Art and Comics and Magic to force you to take a stance.

If you dip your toe in, be prepared to go swimming, whatever might be lurking below the surface…

Who is Emporium Purgatorio?

Emporium Purgatorio (EmpPurg) is the Shop side as well as the creative outlet and hub for the pieces that appear on *Unofficial Alan Moore.

EmpPurg seeks to promote Art for Art’s sake, with an absolute moral compass focused on the Artists and the passions their comics/drawings/literature/suit wearing represent.

How does the Comic & Art Shop work?

Emporium Purgatorio is seeking to grow a cloud based Comic Shop focused on truly supporting Indie Artists & Projects. We believe that ‘just adding’ an Artist’s comic or print next to a sea of ‘others’ does no service to the Artist or the Reader.

All Indie Comics & Art on display for sale are not only recommended by Emporium Purgatorio, but the Artists themselves we support unconditionally.

We will also be continuously adding to our Alan Moore Comics & Art collection. These are from Personal Collections. Many being Artist’s Proofs and Truly Rare. All being Works of Art in their own right.

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#Free Art Friday 7 ~ Salena Godden & Northampton Edition ~ (closed)

Salena Godden & Arts Lab Northampton

A night with Alan Moore,  Carly Loasby, Amii Dawes and Frederick J. Taylor, led by [the] magnificent compere of Lindsay Spence

This Saturday, March 4th @The Lab, 95-97 Charles St., Northampton UK

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